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Results : 2023 Scottish Bread Championships

All the results from the 2023 Scottish Bread Championships

The Championship results were announced on Saturday 25th February 2023 at the inaugural Scottish Real Bread Festival at Bowhouse and the awards were presented by Mairi Gougeon MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs & the Islands

New York Rye Sourdough by Company Bakery, Edinburgh
Beremeal Boule by The Culinary Kiwi Bird, Insch, Aberdeenshire


CLASS 1: Classic Sourdough Bread - using flour, water and salt

Company Bakery - Baguette
Station House Bakery - Station House Sourdough

Company Bakery - White Mellis Boule
Company Bakery - Signature Family Sourdough
Kate Gilbertson - Not Quite Sourdough
Tony Rogers - Cool Fermented Classic Sourdough
Wild Hearth Bakery - Stoneground Sandwich Loaf
Loaf - House Blend Sourdough
Heritage Bakehouse - Country Boule
Heritage Bakehouse - Organic Rye
Heritage Bakehouse - Organic White
Ballintaggart - Malthouse Sourdough
Ante Coffee - Malted Wheat Loaf
Cukie Patisserie - Blanco
California Kitchen & Catering - California Sunrise Sourdough
Mhor Bread - 3 Flour Sourdough

Company Bakery - White Tin Loaf
Mhor Bread - Traditional White Sourdough
Boreland Pupil Support - Classic Sourdough (School)
Monachyle Mhor - Sourdough
Wild Hearth Bakery - White High Top
Wild Hearth Bakery - Stoneground Sandwich Loaf
Forn - Wild Sourdough
Ballintaggart - Signature White Sourdough
Knapdale Artisan Bread - Rustic Country Sourdough


CLASS 2: Enriched Sourdough bread – with additions of seeds, fruit etc.

Wild Hearth Bakery - Light Seeded Sourdough
Mhor Bread - Walnut Sourdough
Mhor Bread - Oatmeal Sourdough
Cadzow Bakehouse - Seeded Sourdough
Cukie Patisserie - Farmer
Company Bakery - White Family Sunflower
Knapdale Artisan Bread - Cranberry & Pecan Sourdough

Company Bakery - Seeded Family Loaf
Mhor Bread - Olive & Rosemary Sourdough
Mhor Bread - Pumpkin Sourdough
Heritage Bakehouse - Organic Light Rye & Caraway
Heritage Bakehouse - Organic Spelt with Poppy Seeds
Dainty Monkey Baking - Seeded Danish Rye Sourdough
Dainty Monkey Baking - Seeded Spelt Sourdough
Station House Bakery - Seeded Sourdough
California Kitchen & Catering - Country Sesame Sourdough
Mahala Le May - Sweet Rye Breakfast Bun
Wild Hearth Bakery - Crafty Malt Loaf

Culinary Kiwi Bird - Danish Rye Speltbread & Pumpkin Seeds
Mhor Bakery - Potato Sourdough
Mhor Bakery - Jalapeno & Cheddar Sourdough
Vera Artisan Bakery - Charcoal Sourdough
Knapdale Artisan Bread - Rosemary, Tomato & Olive Foccaccia
Forn - Spanish Olive Foccaccia
Strathpeffer Artisan Bread - Vermont Seeded Sourdough
Seeded Sour - City Market Bakery


CLASS 3: Bread from Scottish-grown grain, milled in Scotland

Beremeal Boule by The Culinary Kiwi Bird, Insch, Aberdeenshire

Station House Bakery - Spelt Sourdough

Dainty Monkey Baking - Scottish Milk Loaf
Heritage Bakehouse - Organic Whole with Sesame
Bruntslands Farm - Balcaskie Landrace Sourdough
Granton Community Bakery - Granton Loaf
City Market Bakery - Malt Wheat Cob
Comrie Primary School Pupil - Shaky Toon Loaf

Baern Cafe & Bakery - Baern House Loaf
Leuchars Support Service - Collaboration Loaf (School)
Heritage Bakehouse - Nuttimalt
Strathpeffer Artisan Bread - Spelt & Maple Sourdough


CLASS 4: Breads reflecting Scotland’s food culture e.g. made with historic grains

New York Rye Sourdough by Company Bakery, Edinburgh

City Market Bakery - Struan
Mhor Bread - Garlic Foccaccia Sourdough
Mhor Bread - Choc Chip Sourdough Brioche

Wild Hearth Bakery - Baguette
Wild Heart Bakery - Ciabatta
Company Bakery - Brioche
Strathpeffer Artisan Bread - Ross-shire Beetroot & Rye

CLASS 5: A Bread excelling in nutritional quality

Wild Hearth Bakery - Rye, Wheat & Sunflower Schotbrott
Bruntsland Farm - Balcaskie Landrace Organic

Ante Coffee - 100% Seeded Rye Tin & Red Berries
Company Bakery - Rye Multiseed
Wild Heart Bakery - Seriously Seeded Wholewheat
Strathpeffer Artisan Bread - Strathpeffer Sourdough

Heritage Bakehouse - Isle of Mull & Sugar Kelp

CLASS 6: Cottage Loaf – inspired by the benefits of baking at home for the family

Warout 6/7 - Cottage Loaf (School)
Monachyle Mhor - Multigrain Loaf

CLASS 7: Sourdough Pastries

Wild Hearth Bakery - Sourdough Pain Au Chocolat
Wild Hearth Bakery - Sourdough Cornetto
Wild Hearth Bakery - Rhubarb & Blueberry Danish
Wild Hearth Bakery - Sourdough Almond Croissant
Wild Hearth Bakery - Sourdough Cinnamon & Walnut Buns
Wild Hearth Bakery - Sourdough Bomboloni & Vanilla Creme
Ante Coffee - Sourdough Rhubarb Cobnut Danish

CLASS 8: The People`s Bread

Heritage Bakehouse - Organic Whole Spelt

Michael Evans - Desem Boule

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