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Trust sponsors Award for Bread Making

Inaugural Sawers Ramage Award for Excellence in Bread Making Celebrates Aspiring Bakers

On Monday 12th June 2023, the Edinburgh College held its esteemed Graduation Ceremony for students from the faculties of Hospitality and Professional Cookery. This year, the event was particularly special as it witnessed the introduction of the "Sawers Ramage Award for Excellence in Bread Making," bestowed by the Incorporation of Baxters of the City of Edinburgh.

While both Deacon Donald and Former-Deacon Elizabeth couldn`t grace the occasion, Boxmaster Patricia Jones stepped in to represent the Incorporation of Baxters. Adorned with The Deacon Chain, she was accompanied by Prof John Sawkins, further accentuating the significance of the award`s inaugural year.

Emerging victorious in this first edition was Shannon MacKenzie, who impressed the judges with her impeccable sourdough. Overwhelmed with joy, Shannon received a cheque for £250, an elegantly framed certificate co-signed by the Deacon and the Head of Department from Edinburgh College, and a beautifully illustrated book on the Trades of Edinburgh by Henry Stuart Fotheringham and Charles Bradbury. The accolades didn`t end there, she also secured an exclusive invitation to the Annual Baxters` Dinner next year.

Feedback from the college highlighted the excitement among students about this new award. It underscores not only the recognition but also the encouragement such accolades bring to budding professionals. The Incorporation of Baxters and its patrons are equally enthusiastic, with plans to continue the award in the coming years.

This endeavour was made possible thanks to a generous sponsorship of £350 from the Edinburgh Bakers Trust.

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