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The Baxter’s Bib

Introducing the Incorporation Apron with Embroidered Coat of Arms



The Incorporation of Bakers “Baxters” of the City of Edinburgh has commissioned a special apron that proudly displays the embroidered Coat of Arms on its bib. This exquisite apron boasts two spacious front pockets and an adjustable halter, ensuring a comfortable fit for all body types and heights.

Crafted from durable material, this full-length apron is not only machine-washable but also comes in a shade perfect for every baker out there.

Interested in owning this piece of craftsmanship? Kindly fill out the provided order form to secure yours.

A Glimpse into The Incorporation of Bakers “Baxters” of the City of Edinburgh:
Dating back to medieval times, the Incorporation of Bakers “Baxters” of the City of Edinburgh is part of the esteemed Edinburgh Trades, established to champion the causes of specialised crafts and skills.

Our Charitable Endeavours:
Under the umbrella of the Incorporation of Baxters, we have established the Incorporation of Bakers of Edinburgh Charitable Trust (registered charity SC047164). This trust is dedicated to advancing baking education and promoting arts, heritage, culture, and science related to this craft.

At the heart of our mission, we provide small grants to bakers and related organizations that align with our trust`s objectives. We passionately advocate for authentic baking practices, resisting modern shortcuts like the Chorleywood bread process and the inclusion of unnecessary additives, both of which are frowned upon by artisan breadmakers.

A Note on Our Name:
The term `Baxter` is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon lineage, stemming from "bakester", which referred to women who baked.

Supporting the Craft with the Edinburgh Bakers’ Fund:
Our Edinburgh Bakers’ Fund is dedicated to offering grants that foster and advance bread-making skills, ensuring that the art of traditional baking continues to flourish.

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