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Grant helps create the Shaky Toon Loaf

Comrie Primary School`s Breaducation Initiative Receives £3000 Trust Award

Comrie Primary School`s Breaducation programme has recently been granted a generous £3000 from The Edinburgh Bakers` charitable trust. This initiative aims to teach children about the bread-making process, from field to table.

Through immersive, hands-on workshops, students learn the journey of their food. They participate in every step – from growing and processing the grain to milling and baking the bread. What`s unique about this educational experience is its localized approach. The grain is cultivated nearby, enabling each pupil to be directly involved in threshing and milling the very grain they use for baking.

The programme`s culmination is the creation of the "Shaky Toon Loaf", a specially devised recipe that ensures every student achieves timely and tasty results.

Furthermore, this generous grant will aid in setting up a micro-bakery within the school premises. This will allow students to bake bread for their peers, ensuring fresh bread for the entire school every day. Beyond just baking, the initiative also introduces children to the life and responsibilities of a professional baker, enriching their understanding of the profession and honing their life skills.

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