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Bridging The Gap`s High Rise Bakers

The High Rise Bakers project operated 2 days per week, supporting volunteers to bake good nutritious bread and other tasty baking goods, which we sell.


This year the bakers learned new recipes and attended sour dough training. It was a lovely treat to offer people who drop in for a plate of soup and some company. We also ran 2 burgers and buns day where local families came together and cooked and ate lunch together and 2 workshops in the Adelphi nursery where children learned how to bake scones and bread.

The Bakers went on a trip to see where our flour is milled, were the subject of Zev Robinson’s film ‘Real Bread Makers’, were featured in a prizewinning podcast about growers and bakers across the
UK and won 2 prizes at the Scottish Bread Championships.

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