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Trusts First Grants Made

A total of £3000 in grants were awarded in the first tranche of applications.

1. £1000 to Bridging the Gap, High Rise Bakers
A charity established in 1998 and based in the Gorbals, Glasgow working with young people, families and people from different backgrounds and cultures. Building relationships across diversity is at the core of all our work.

2. £1000 to Edinburgh Food Social
Since 2015, Edinburgh Food Social has shared a passion for local, sustainable and seasonal food through hands-on cookery classes, workshops, school projects and community meals, affecting well over food 1500 people living in the top 10% of Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.

3. £1000 [specifically for oven] to Doughlicious Bread Club
Doughlicious Bread Club was set up in January 2019 under the auspices of The Stove Network, a creative and artist community space in Dumfries town centre. They provide space to meet monthly in their cafe and provide administrative support.

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