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2022 Scottish Bread Championship

Sponsored by The Edinburgh Bakers Trust
Online entries accepted until Sunday 22nd May 2022.
Judging takes place from on Saturday 18th June 2022.
Results will be released during the Royal Highland Show.
Full details of when entries are required to be delivered will be confirmed following the close of entries. Late entries cannot be accepted. There will be a window for delivery of entries.

Awards will be given for exhibits that reach a standard of excellence, based on Gold, Silver and Bronze. There will be no limit on the number of Gold, Silver or Bronze awards that can be in any class and awards will only be presented in a class should judges decide they merit such.
The winners of merit awards will receive certificates (both hard and electronic copy) that may be displayed on their product, website, shop etc.

Classes for ‘Scottish Bread Championships’
1. Classic Sourdough bread – using flour, water and salt
2. Enriched Sourdough bread – with additions of seeds, fruit etc. Can be sweet or savoury.
3. Bread from Scottish-grown grain, milled in Scotland
4. Breads reflecting Scotland’s food culture e.g. made with historic grains/ can also reflect international influences and traditions (e.g. Italian/Ukrainian, fermented flatbreads/crispbreads)
5. A bread excelling in nutritional quality
6. Bread using fully Certified Organic ingredients
7. Cottage Loaf – inspired by the benefits of baking at home for the family.

Judges will also award one overall Supreme Champion and one Reserve Champion.

Award Certificates will be forwarded at a suitable juncture after the Show.

Rules & Regulations:

Entry Form
1. Only entry using the online entry system via the Royal Highland Show website will be accepted. No entry will be accepted by the Society unless accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.
2. Exhibitors are solely responsible for the accuracy and eligibility of their entries. The
recording of an entry or the organisers taking receipt of the exhibit, will not relieve the Exhibitor of this responsibility for accuracy. The entry fee paid for an exhibit entered in a class for which it is not eligible is not refundable.
3. Substitution of entries will not be permitted after the closing date for entry.
4. Each exhibit must be, at the closing date for entry, the bona fide property of the exhibitor in whose name it is entered.

Submission of exhibits
5. The Society reserves the right to refuse any entries it may think fit to exclude, or to cancel any entry made, or to prohibit the exhibition of any entry, or to cancel any prize or prizes awarded to any exhibit in respect of which a valid protest has been lodged or which is found to have been ineligible to compete.
Two exhibits to be supplied for each entry
6. Special display labels will be posted to attach to your exhibits. All items are to be delivered, suitably wrapped for protection, to the Scottish Bread Championship. Full details will be provided after close of entries. Please clearly mark the delivery as being for the Scottish Bread Championship.
7. For those unable to deliver in person (up to 11 am on Saturday 18th June), exhibits may be delivered by courier on Friday 17th (or up to 11 am on Sat 18th). The judges will take account of the loss of freshness that may be inevitable. Bakers from far and wide are warmly encouraged to enter the Championship.

8. In no case shall a prize be awarded unless a Judge deems the exhibit to have sufficient merit. The judges’ decision is final. No exhibitors permitted during judging.

During the Show the names and breads of winners will be displayed and any class-winning exhibit may be sampled by the Press.

After the Show, exhibits and commercial labels/wrappings or other marketing insignia provided by exhibitors will not be returned to them, but will be disposed of by the Society in accordance with food legislation.


Definition / criteria for Real Bread in the Scottish Bread Championship
All entries must conform to the basic definition of the Real Bread Campaign; Real Bread is made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives
The only exceptions to the ‘no additives’ rule are the four `fortificants` added to all non-wholemeal flour by law in the UK.

Don`t forget to check the labels of ingredients and any mixes you use, to make sure that no additives or processing aids get into your dough that way.
In particular, flours and mixes may contain ascorbic acid or added enzymes, and instant yeast usually contains additives.
Always read the label and, if necessary, check with the supplier or manufacturer. Chemically-raised products, such as soda bread, are not eligible.

The following additional attributes deepen the quality of real bread.

On the Scottish Bread Championship Entry Form, please include information about these features, if your bread is for example:
o Fermented slowly (for at least four hours), preferably using sourdough bacteria
o Made using flour from a non-industrial mill
o Made from local flour
o Made in one continuous process i.e. no part-baking or freezing of the dough
o Made with a salt content (in line with FSS guidance) of 1% or less of the final product weight
o Made from certified organic ingredients
o Made in a small, independent bakery or at home

In addition to flour, water, salt and yeast/sourdough (which are the only necessary components of real bread) natural food ingredients may be included as long as their presence does not contradict the criteria for the category in which you are entering them.

Any natural food ingredients, such as seeds, nuts, cheese, milk, malt extract, herbs, oils, fats and dried fruits should be minimally processed and must themselves contain no artificial additives.

The full list of ingredients (not the recipe) must be submitted on each entry form. Ingredients to be listed in descending order of weight.

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